The Workplace Is a Battlefield

Social media has been a form of release for employees to express their true feelings about work. It’s taken over as a negative insight, but your workplace doesn’t have to be a place people hate. If your people are unhappy at work, the buck stops with you — the owner. You can change it. You can help your team be successful and happy at work.

Start by taking a step back and examine your culture. Pay attention to the little details that are going on around you. Do you hear gossip, or people complaining? These are some red flags that your employees are not enjoying coming into work. You need to take action. Set the rules to play, create values if you don’t have them already. If you do have values, be sure you’re enforcing them. Those are your foundation to a culture that matters and happy employees.

My interview with goes into more details about other red flags to a toxic workplace. Find out if your culture is toxic and how to fix it.


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