Keynote Speaking

Piyush Patel speaks about engaging millennials to become an employer of choice.

Engaging your Millennial & Gen Z workforce

Best audience: C-Suite, leadership teams, entrepreneurs, and associations.

  • Understanding the cultural differences of your new workforce
  • Learn how to transform your organization into a tribe
  • Creating a culture that matters to ownership and employees
  • Leveraging culture as your competitive advantage
  • Discover how to approach conflict to produce results

Employer of choice

Best audience: Entrepreneurs, leadership teams, kickoff and continued training

  • Learn how to turn individuals into a tribe
  • Building tribal rituals to reinforce company values
  • Using your culture as a way to attract top talent
  • Creating daily Belonging, Affirmation, and Meaning in your organization
  • Onboarding your new hires the right way
  • Develop a navigator program to accelerate productivity

Maximize company growth by leveraging culture

Best audience: Fast-growing companies, leadership, HR, associations and recently-funded companies (workshop or keynote)

  • Learn the difference between perks and real culture
  • Help your employees deal with change in the organization
  • Strategies to help your leadership team not become reactive leaders
  • The true cost of turnover – how to retain great employees
  • Creating a culture that matters with Belonging, Affirmation, and Meaning