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Piyush Patel’s Bio

Millennial Engagement Expert

As an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Piyush Patel became an innovator in corporate culture as he grew his company, Digital-Tutors, into a leader throughout the world of online training, educating over 1.5M students globally.

Piyush is an avid member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Oklahoma, sits as an Advisory Board Member of Regent Bank, and continues to advise and speak at local universities and companies around the country. He has won numerous awards acknowledging his entrepreneurship as a trend-setter in our community.

When he’s not mentoring new entrepreneurs, you can find him playing video games with his son, Nick, cooking something delicious in the kitchen or planning a fresh adventure with his wife, Lisa. For now, Piyush’s current business journey takes him to wine country in California where he and Lisa are proud owners of Conclusion Wines in Napa. Every bottle of their high-end wine makes a difference to Oklahoma nonprofits. His hope is to leave a positive, lasting mark on those who cross his path.

Piyush’s book, Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores.




AV Requirements

The host will provide adequate and reasonable equipment that allows Piyush to provide a professional presentation.
This includes the following equipment and provisions:

• Projector and screen for 16:9 aspect ratio
• Adapter for Macbook Pro laptop
• 1 Lapel wireless microphone
• 1 Handheld wireless microphone with stand
• Small table or podium
• 2 bottles of water

Every keynote is presented with slides and will be controlled from Piyush’s Macbook.



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