Living and breathing your company values

Are you living your core values?

Culture is one of those tricky words that often means something other than its designated meaning. In the age of millennials, it has come to represent material perks like snacks in the kitchen and ping pong tables in the wreck room. While these might be fun and catchy for recruiting purposes, they fail at their intended goal…employee retention.

Perks and Snacks.

Culture is more than perks, PTO, snacks and bicycles on campus. It is when you can offer your employees the intangible, the higher-tier needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of belonging, affirmation and meaning.

When you can offer your employees BAM — belonging, affirmation and meaning — that’s when you can see your culture skyrocket to success.

As the founder of Digital-Tutors, I set the example as a leader. There were rules I set that I didn’t have to adhere to myself. But, I did. As a leader, as someone who might set the rules, we must also set the example and lead by it.

It’s up to you to live and breath your company values if you have any hopes of your employees buying into them as well. It’s easy to become disconnected from the day to day in a leadership role. Having difficult conversations is key to progress, to vulnerability, and to ultimately creating a tribe.


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