Is your next employer a good cultural fit?

In the US, it’s not unusual to work 60 hours a week. So you probably want to make sure you like the place you’re spending most of your time.

For the last few years or more, employers have come to realize how valuable a strong culture is for potential employees. This is evident in both the hiring and/or firing process. But employers aren’t the only ones who should be operating with this mentality.

The concept of cultural fit is trendy at the moment. Leaders try to hire based on skill, diversity and how well the person fits the values of the organization. The same should happen when you’re on the job hunt.

I know it sounds crazy, but if you have a culture where you need to eat meals at your desk, that’s a leadership problem.

I spoke with Fast Company about what to look for during the interview process and potential clues to identify a toxic work culture.


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