Interview with Leadership Now

Are you a business owner who dreads going into work? Do you put in lengthy hours and see no return?

I’ve been there. Owning a business doesn’t have to be taxing. What if you looked at your employees and put them first?

As we began to grow at Digital-Tutors, I thought we were being successful. We were profitable and I thought having a great time.

Little did I know, my people weren’t happy. After taking a step back, I realized the facts — I’d lost my direction. It was all about making money. I was working long hours and not enjoying what I was doing.

By focusing on my employees, I was able to help them feel a sense of belonging, affirmation and meaning (BAM) at work. With happy and accomplished employees pushing my company beyond anything I could’ve dreamed of, they were helping me feel that same sense of BAM at work.


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