How to welcome a new hire

You’ve just hired a new employee. Sure, meeting new people and starting new projects should be exciting, as it should be. But for the new employee, they’re weighted down by the pressure to make a great first impression. Process all those new names and faces. Oh, and don’t forget about the obligatory intro to the company along with all the paperwork.

I’m surprised more leaders don’t make this experience easier on the new employee. At PatelOKC for example, all new employees receive a gift box before their first day. This includes a branded shirt, required HR paperwork, and a brief history of the company. There is also a picture frame so the new hire can bring a family picture for their desk to start the week. This provides an immediate and incredible sense of belonging and alleviated some of the stress that comes with the new role.

The ultimate goal for any company is productivity and increasing revenue. To expect that from an employee on their second day, though common, is not as effective a goal as is creating the bond with their team and giving their work meaning. Once an employee feels they belong and matter, they will achieve productivity and beyond.


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