Here’s how to spot a toxic workplace before accepting a job offer

Before you say YES to the job, use your interview to spot signs of a toxic workplace.

You get the call and your interview is scheduled, excitement sets in. People are thrilled when they land a job interview, and rightfully so. Whether it’s for your dream job or a resume builder, you have a right to celebrate. But don’t be blindsided with excitement that you overlook the company’s culture, because it could be toxic.

Do you want to know how to spot a toxic culture before you accept the job? Identifying a toxic culture is different for everyone. I have outlined some insight on what to look for before, during and after your interview.

Did you know that going to the company’s bathroom will tell you everything you need to know?”  I know that sounds crazy, but trust me. These tips will save you from regretting accepting the job.

Check out the article on brobible to learn how you can spot a toxic workplace before accepting a job offer. It’s all about doing your homework and taking initiative.


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